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Our Purpose

Assist the Maryland Forest Service with the promotion of rural forest management

Help assure a supply of wood fiber products through scientific forest management

Restore the Chesapeake Bay

Promote the stewardship, conservation, and sustainable use of Maryland's forest resources, urban, suburban and rural

Educate the general public and private forest landowners about the wide range of forest benefits

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Environmental Challenges - Backyard and Beyond

A workshop sponsored by the Forest Conservancy District Board for Baltimore County

The Baltimore County Forestry Board presents this at the beautiful Mansion House in the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Expert speakers will provide you with answers to questions such as how deer impact the urban/suburban landscape, how invasive plant and insect species affect our native flora and fauna, how the ever-present deer tick population "ticks" and how you can protect yourself from exposure to ticks, and how to properly manage your forested property - large or small.
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Biomass Boot Camp

A workshop sponsored by the Maryland Wood Energy Coalition

The Biomass Boot Camp is a focused one-day orientation program for facility owners, managers, engineers, extension educ ators, forestry professionals, financial / business managers and others interested in learning more about the potential of renewable biomass for heating and combined heat and power applications in Maryland . The name Boot Camp was selected because it indic ates a program designed to immerse potential new “recruits” into the renewable biomass culture including basic concepts, terminology, resources, opportunities, as well as knowledge transfer about best practices and technology.
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What We Do

Board members work closely with their local foresters and primarily serve as advisory, educational, and facilitating bodies, collaborating on a variety of programs throughout the state.

Under the law, the Boards are required to review and pass on all timber harvest plans in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area and approve all such plans in their counties if requested.

Boards may also be called upon to play a role in the management of forest properties subject to easements acquired by local jurisdictions under the Forest Conservation Act.

The State Association, in concert with the boards, previews proposed legislation and represents the interests of forestry with local, state, and federal legislatures.

Who We Are

Presently over 200 members of the Forestry Boards are appointed by the Director of the MD Forest Service on the recommendation of the members of the Board and the local forester.

Requirements for membership are an interest in sustainable forestry and a desire to see our renewable natural resource wisely used and managed.

Members are often local leaders, planners, commissioners, tree farmers, forest product workers, arborists, educators, farmers, forest consultants, loggers, forest landowners, and government representatives. There are many other groups represented on the Boards.

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