Each of the separate district boards has adopted a variety of programs designed to educate and inform the public and to promote good forest management practices.

  • The Big Tree Program is designed in part to thank owners, who protect and care for their big trees that contribute thousands of dollars to the health of our environment. In 2009, 44 Maryland volunteers measured over 200 trees across the state, photographed, recorded GPS locations and registered these trees on the state database.
  • Envirothon is a Soil Conservation District (SCD) program for high school students.
  • The Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee is an Urban/Suburban street tree planting and maintenance program designed to provide grants up to $1,500 through the Forestry Boards to communities, schools, and organizations for the planting and maintaining of street trees in the urban setting.
  • The Natural Resource Careers Camp (NRCC) is a co-educational conference that provides an opportunity for high school students interested in a career in Natural Resources to learn from industry professionals and develop contacts for future employment and a career in natural resources.
  • The Forest Stewardship Program was formed to service property owners that do not have plans and to develop a mini Sustainable Forest Stewardship Plan for the increasing number of lots under 5 acres in our suburban/urban areas. This program, in turn, features the Health of our Forests and Bio-Mass programs.